Take reading to the next level

Do you often read but don't remember much? Yeerodite is a service that helps you with that. It provides tools that help you make most out of your reading. It takes your highlights from websites, e-book readers, and periodically re-surfaces them to channels like e-mail, SMS or your browser!

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Why use Yeerodite

Leverage your notes and highlights!
Don't just leave your highlights and notes hanging. Actually make use of them!. Yeerodite allows you to passively study your reading content via the different channels.

Stop forgetting what you read.
Take advantage of what is called the learning curve. Based on spaced repetition learning, the more you are exposed to some item of learning, the more you'll retain it. So keep learning items to remember more!

How it works


Sync highlights from the various integrations we support.


Configure how often you want to review and how you want to receive highlights.


Remember more of what you read by reviewing more.


Sync items to review from various integrations we support.


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